This section of the site provides links and features on the collaborators taking part in the research. If you are a creator of music using non-standard tuning and would like your music featured here, please email your details through.


Dra5t3k is a Producer and Micro musician from Vancouver who's production interests include 432 Hz Concert A, Phi ratio of harmonic perfection and natural music. Dra5t3k is the work of Jesse Thom who came to this project through an online forum dedicated to the furtherment of knowledge on the application of Pythagorean tuning in music.

Mirra and Dra5t3k are collaborating on a trance track called 'Taken by the Beat' which will be released in 2015.





Mark Smulian is a producer with gold and platinum album credits having performed and taught all over the world.

He has since developed the lydianstream system and presents lectures and workshops to businesses, educational institutions and other related fields that deal with leveraging the Codes of Behaviour/The emotional skills employed by improvising musicians in all walks of life, team building and social interaction.

Hesham Watany is an Egyptian musician who also produces Electronic Music under the pseudonym Maestrix. In 2009 he won the contest of the best remix in Egypt by Ngoum FM. He signed his first track ‘Proud To Be Oriental ‘ and has continued releasing quality Trance and Progressive tracks on different International Record Labels such as 2Play (Spinnin’), Plasmapool, Trance All-Stars, Selekted Music, System Recordings.





George Papanicolaou established Original Score studios in 2002. George Papanicolaou composes and produces original music for feature films, documentaries, short films, TV commercials and public events at Original Score Studios. George has a passion for storytelling through music and an interest in applying Pythagorean Tuning in production. Mirra and George will explore Pythagorean Tuning applied to original Singer/Songwritter composition.
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"Music in human culture is certainly very ancient. Several flutes made of bone have been found from the Stone Age - that's to say, the Paleolithic period, deep into the last ice age. The oldest candidate known so far is carved from the bone of a young cave bear and dates around 44,000 years ago."

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